The magical adventures of Szigetköz


The magical adventures of Szigetköz

Getting lost on the island is impossible, but the feeling of being lost is palpable. Driving through the same route twice in the landscape is a real challenge. Not because the physical effort is great, but because the landscape is so varied that you have to make a decision at every junction: which direction should you go? Which road offers the most exciting experiences? The secret, however, is that the road you are on will be the most interesting. The countless backwaters and lagoons hold more and more adventures. This is not the land of monumental attractions, but the realm of countless small miracles. Of course, you switch to a slower pace to enjoy the beauty of the landscape even more and not to scare the beaver families.
The magical adventures of Szigetköz

The Land of a Thousand Islands 

The Danube travels a long way from the Alps to deposit its sediment in the languid regions below Bratislava. A lot of sand, stones and earth are deposited in the form of islands at the borders of the northern Lesser Peninsula, creating the largest land delta in Central Europe. These islands make this area so unique and exciting. It's no surprise that many people return here year after year. The atmosphere always remains the same, but the islands are constantly changing.

Whether it's an afternoon, a long weekend or an entire family vacation, you can find your way around easily with the Szigetköz adventure map. You will find restaurants, beaches and attractions on every hidden tributary of the Danube.


Leave the navigation to the professionals!

If you have never been to Szigetköz, it is worth starting with a guided tour. This way you will definitely not get lost, as an experienced tour guide will accompany you through the labyrinth of canals. An experienced eye can easily discover the mysteries of reeds or other hiding animals. The guide will also show you the hidden places and has the necessary experience for water experiences, so you can enjoy the scenery in safety. 


If you prefer to explore the countryside on your own and go on a free adventure, you should choose from the following tours:

1. The mysterious paths of Szigetköz

On this water tour, you can paddle between reefs, islands and groves. You can see the wide, open bodies of water, but you can also pass through narrow, wild gorges lined with trees.

Route: We start from the harbor near the Kisvesszős campsite to explore the Cikolai tributary system. Here, the Danube splits into a thousand branches, creating a narrow, wild river system. The current here is quiet, so this route is ideal for beginners and children who want to learn the secrets of paddling.

During the canoe trip, we travel in the Szigetközi Landscape Protection District, founded in 1987, so care must be taken not to disturb the animals and plants that live here. Between the Great-Danube and the Mosoni-Danube, which dominate the area, there are pristine floodplain forests and oak groves with lily of the valley, which are home to a rich fauna. In the upper section of the river, we can also discover beaver tracks - fallen trees and chewed vegetation reveal the presence of beavers.

It is also worth visiting the fish ladder in Denkpál, where you can gain an insight into how a fish ladder works and how the fish use it. If you feel like it, you can bathe in one of the tributaries of the Danube.


2. Dunakiliti rowing tour

The area around Dunakiliti also holds a lot of excitement for advanced paddlers, as the calm flow of the water is made exciting in some places by fast-flowing branches and broken locks. Therefore, the presence of an experienced helmsman is recommended for the tour.

The tour starts and returns from Vadvíz Camping. The first part of the road follows a slow-flowing branch, then turns upstream at a large fork. The Szigeti-Danube rowing on a branch, where you move between willow and white willow groves. Cormorants and ducks chase their prey around you. After a next fork, after a short detour, you will arrive at the green Szirtl lake and the Szirtl branches, which are quiet and wildly romantic. The further route has some exciting parts.

Crossing the Szigeti-Danube branch, you row on a narrow, secluded branch that gradually widens and then joins the faster Szigetelő branch, where terns nest along the shore. Then there is a short rest on a gravel reef, and then you can quickly paddle down in the strong current so that the others can arrive at the designated rest area. You will soon arrive at Árpa Island, where some scenes of the Napoleon movie were filmed, and then, leaving the port of Doborgazi, you will reach the Flóri Gate through the opened Ferde dam. Here you have to raise the ship to get through the level-compensating lock, and then you can continue your journey. If you feel like it, after a short rest and swimming, you will return to Vadvíz Camping after half an hour of relaxing rowing.

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