Szigetköz on two wheels - Tour from the Regia Pension


Szigetköz on two wheels - Tour from the Regia Pension

Szigetköz is one of the most popular destinations in Hungary for those looking for beautiful natural landscapes. Although it is most famous for its sprawling water channels and water tours, it is also worth exploring the sights of Szigetköz on two wheels.

Exploring Szigetköz on two wheels

So it's worth exploring the many attractions on two wheels, and the best thing is that one of the starting points of the Szigetközi bike route starts right in front of the Regia Pension entrance. That's why we designed our guesthouse in such a way that bicycles and various sports equipment can be stored well, but let's also go on the recommended bicycle tour route so that you can visit the sights of Szigetköz on two wheels!

Route: Regia Panzió – Mosonmagyaróvár – Feketeerdő – Dunakiliti – Tejfalusziget – Doborgazsziget - Cikolasziget - Dunasziget – Halászi: Regia Panzió

So that you really only need to take the things you need for the tour with you, we recommend a route that also ends at the starting point. So you can even start the day with a delicious breakfast at our place to have energy for the big tour, and then in the evening to recharge your energy, you can visit us for a delicious dinner, which you can also enjoy on our terrace by the Danube.


Description of the island bike route:

The starting point is therefore the Regia Pension in Halászi. Since the route starts at the entrance of the boarding house, all you have to do is hop on your bike and set off. Turning left from the guesthouse (not half of the center), following the road, we cross the Danube bridge in Moson, and from here, rolling along the road, we enter the center of Mosonmagyaróvár, where it is worth seeing the castle founded by King István, then we pass through the city center and take the towards Feketeerdő settlement. Leaving the city in a northerly direction, we only have to turn straight on Feketeerdei Street, which is asphalted all the way, but in a fabulous environment. A straight road from Feketeerdő to Dunakiliti continues through the town to Dunakiliti. We leave Dunakiliti on the Kossuth Lajos út, halfway to Tejsziget, but it is worth making a short stop at the Csebi-Pogány Castle, which was built between 1996 and 2000 by dr. Alajos Csebi- Pogány, resident of Dunakiliti.

5 minutes from here, winding over the Danube again, we reach Tejsziget. The Szigetköz Lelke Pálinkaház is located here. Passing through the small village, almost all the way along the cycle path next to the Danube, we can reach the Danube Island. On the way, we also pass through Doborgazsziget and arrive at Dunasziget on Fő utca, which opens from Sérfenyő utca. The eco-park is located on the edge of the settlement, from where you can also go on a short canoe trip.

The road from here on Galambos street leads us back to Halászi, from where we can return to the Regia Pension by going through the center.

And if you would also like to spend the night in a quiet accommodation by the Danube, don't forget to book a room with us, at the Regia Panzio we welcome you with a warm welcome!

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