Inter-island hiking trails - Start from the gateway to the Szigetköz, the Regia Pension


Inter-island hiking trails - Start from the gateway to the Szigetköz, the Regia Pension

Szigetköz is not so popular in the domestic tourism for nothing. The Danube has been amazingly generous when it comes to natural endowments, as not only on the water but also on land, great routes have been created to explore the beautiful Szigetköz along its peaceful villages.

Hiking trails in the Szigetköz

Between the Moson-Danube and the Great Danube, the Szigetköz is a favourite destination for hikers in Hungary, as Hungary's largest archipelago has an amazing variety of flora and fauna, offering the perfect getaway for those who want to relax in a natural setting away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The Danube flows with many branches, making inter-island kayaking and canoeing very popular, but there are also great opportunities to explore the area on land, either on two feet or by bike!

If you want to spend several days in the Szigetköz and explore the wonderful natural treasures of the region by hiking, the Regia Pension is the perfect choice for accommodation, as the hiking trails start right in front of the pension and lead through the surrounding villages.


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And now let's see the most popular hiking trails in the area!

The river has created a diverse habitat with its extremely rich flora and fauna, as well as the multitude of unique habitats in these huge flood plains. The tributaries of the river meander along the swamp forests, marsh meadows and groves.

1. Lake Morotva nature trail

By walking along the educational trail showing the wildlife of the 42-hectare lake, you can get to know the lake's surroundings more closely. Moving to the right of the information board, we reach the bird observation tower, from where we can watch the waterfowl and larger predators swimming on the lake. We can also meet various species of ducks, great egrets, red grouse, and buzzards.

The high point offers a beautiful view of Lake Morotva, where we can observe beautiful bird life. This is a perfect program for those looking for a short trip.

2. Buttock hike (Fenékküszöb-túra) – 3.7 km

In Dunakiliti, starting from the clearing above Vadvíz camping, we reach the dam, where it is possible to use the sluice system. From the area to the north, we can observe the Slovakian dam system, where the Danube is diverted. We continue on this route until we turn left onto a wide gravel road. On this path, you can go parallel to the Old Danube, i.e. opposite its flow, all the way to Fenékküszöb. Here we turn around and walk back to the campsite. The dam can also be visited with a specialist guide.

3. Short hike from Kisbodak from the Esthajnalcsillag tent site - 4.2 km

From the camping site, we pass through the flood protection embankment and then continue our journey on the wave field all the way to the Szent Kristóf bridge. It is located in a rest area in front of the bridge. After crossing the bridge, first turn left, then right, and continue straight until you reach the Old Danube road. There we turn left and walk to the end of the Kisbodak branch, where we usually meet around the river. From here, we turn left and head back to the starting point.

4. Dunasziget tour – 9km

Medium tour on Cikolasziget from the camping site in Kisvesszős - Let's start from the camping site along the embankment towards the east. After a walk of about 500 meters, we move away from the embankment and walk through a freshly planted gray poplar and noble poplar forest to reach the Kő bridge. Continuing from here, we arrive at the largest meadow on Nyáras island. From here we can continue our journey in three directions. We take the shortest route to the northwest, where we reach the northwestern tip of Nyáras Island. Following the middle route, we reach the Denkpáli lock dam and the only fish ladder in Szigetköz, and then we can continue walking on the Hajós Island formed by the sunken ship to the shore of the Old Danube. The third option leads through the area rehabilitated in 2005.

5. Holt-Danube Educational Trail – 7 km

To the route created around the most important dead branch of Szigetköz, touching about 300 hectares of protected area of national importance, on the border of Dunaremete and Lipót villages. The area delineated by the route is part of the Szigetközi Landscape Protection District and is highly protected, so it can only be visited with a professional guide. Only the walking tour route, as it does not affect the highly protected core area, is open to anyone.

The route includes the following locations: Dunaremetei kikötő, Öreg-Duna, Dunaremetei átvágás (Szigetelt csatorna), kikötői platános allé, Sorjási-tó, Lipóti kilátó, Zsejkei-csatorna, Barátság-ligeti pihenő, cement-híd.

Don't forget to book a good accommodation from where you can easily set off on these tours! We look forward to welcoming you to our peaceful pension in Halászi on the Danube!

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