Don't miss these attractions when you visit Szigetköz!


Don't miss these attractions when you visit Szigetköz!

Szigetköz is a magical area that abounds in rich natural beauty and fascinating attractions. In addition to the picturesque landscapes found in the region, there is also plenty to see!

Sights of Szigetköz

Wandering around the Szigetköz, we can come across historical monuments, such as the castle founded by King István in Mosonmagyaróvár, or the Sarlós Boldogasszony Chapel in Máriakálnok, which is a famous place for farewell pilgrimages. In addition, the region offers many opportunities for active recreation, such as cycling, hiking, fishing or even canoeing in the eco-park. Szigetköz is a real gem that provides unforgettable experiences for all visitors.

There are also attractions on the Szigetköz that are not worth missing if you are visiting, so we have collected them now:


1. Dunakiliti dam

The history of the Dunakiliti dam is very significant and has brought many twists and turns. Construction began in 1978, however, during the works, environmental protection movements were organized due to the negative effects of the construction. As a result, the Hungarian government decided to stop the construction of the dam in 1989, which, thanks to the successful protest, was a significant milestone in the process of regime change. However, in 1992, Slovakia replaced the Dunakiliti dam with another facility at Dunacsúny and diverted the Danube. This measure bound the aquatic world of Szigetköz to Slovakian aspects. As a relief, in 1995, a bottom threshold was created next to the Dunakiliti dam, as part of which the remains of a bridge can be seen, which still arouses the curiosity of tourists.

You can easily go to Dunakiliti on the bike path starting from the Regia Pension


2. Mosonmagyaróvár castle

Mosonmagyaróvár Castle is a medieval fortress that played an outstanding role in the protection of Lake Fertő and the Mosoni-Danube region. The history of the castle dates back to the time of King István, who built it on a low rise on Király Hill. During the Turkish times and the wars of independence under the Habsburg rule, the castle was further strengthened, which is how it acquired its present form, equipped with cannon bastions. The walls surrounding the medieval castle core and the wall belt protecting the city were designed based on the plans of Italian military engineers, which were also supported by the water of the Mosoni-Danube channeled into the moat.


3. Saint Michael's Chapel, Tejfalusziget

The residents of Tejfalusziget built this lovely little chapel with community effort. At the beginning of the construction, the whole village came together, and everyone participated in the work, whether it was a professional or an assistant. The walls were built by masons, while the roof was made by master carpenter István Makky. The ceiling of the chapel was painted by Mihály Ballassa.


4. Csebi-Pogány Castle, Dunakiliti

Dr. Alajos Csebi-Pogány, the famous diamond magnate, opened many jewelry stores in Europe and had several castles built next to them. He built such a castle in Dunakiliti, his native village. Construction began in 1996 and was completed in 2000, resulting in a modern building decorated with baroque style elements. At the beginning of the millennium, visitors could admire this impressive creation, which served as the venue for weddings as the five-star Princess Palace Hotel. The castle is surrounded by a 14-hectare golf course. In 2008, the building closed and became private, the owner and his wife lived in it.


5. Dunasziget Forest School, Ecopark and Landscape Center

In the Dunasziget Landscape Center, you can learn about the rich wildlife of the floodplain forests on the island through interactive exhibitions. In addition to nature walks, there are guided canoe and bicycle tours, and it is also possible to participate in traditional and GPS-based treasure hunting adventures.

You can easily discover these attractions starting from the Regia Pension, book a room with us and enjoy relaxing experiences close to nature!

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