Get to know the world of the wild novel Szigetköz!


Get to know the world of the wild novel Szigetköz!

Set off in the fascinating world of Szigetköz on an adventure that evokes the wonders of nature and the soothing embrace of the Danube. Kayaking in this region not only provides active recreation, but also gives you the opportunity to discover quiet riverside experiences.
Get to know the world of the wild novel Szigetköz!

There are several ways to explore the wildly romantic Szigetköz!

Set off by bike, boat or in hiking boots to the fascinating landscapes of Szigetköz! Szigetköz, formed from the sediments of the Danube in the embrace of the Great and Mosoni Danube, is a paradise for nature walkers. With its rich flora and fauna, winding bike paths and special water world, it offers fascinating experiences whether you are going for a solo recreation or a family vacation. Wandering among the magical landscapes of the Szigetköz, you can discover the peaceful villages and natural treasures of the countryside, which offer real refreshment to those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Admire the bends of the Danube and immerse yourself in the embrace of nature, where new experiences await you at every moment.

In the area of 375 square kilometers, lovers of water tours can explore the Danube branches by canoe or kayak. Among the kayak and canoe tours, both beginners and advanced players will find something for themselves. The experienced tour guides will accompany you on such special trips as the star tours of the floodplain backwaters and lagoons, the 105-kilometer extreme water tour connecting Rajká with Győr or the motorboat tours of the Danube branches.

Fishing enthusiasts can find thousands of excellent fishing spots and many species of fish. In addition to the popular fishing lake in Dunaremet, you should also visit the Dodó game farm, where you can meet red deer, mouflon, wild boar, and fallow deer. It's especially good fun with the family, because the farm has a playground, a petting zoo and a playhouse to ensure a pleasant pastime.


Kayaking on the waters of the Mosoni-Danube

However, the range of experiences is inexhaustible not only on the coast, but also in the waters of the Danube. While kayaking, you can admire the fascinating natural diversity of Szigetköz. In addition to the slow flow of quiet river water, the floodplain vegetation and fauna offer a special experience. In the still water, you can often spot coastal plants, marsh birds and underwater life.

Kayaking not only provides an opportunity to explore natural beauty, but is also excellent for active recreation. Riverside picnics, coastal walks and fishing all contribute to unforgettable experiences.

Whether it's a family trip, an adventure with friends or an idyll for a couple, kayaking on the Szigetköz offers an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Szigetköz hides many wonders

Exploring the Szigetköz is a real experience, roaming among the villages, the waters and the stories. The area is full of charming villages, not one of which should be missed. Rent a bike and explore one after another. The ancient fishing village, the settlement of the former gold panners, Ásványráró, the wonderful baroque castle of Hédervár or the thermal spa on Lipó are waiting for you. Don't miss the largest settlement in Szigetköz, Mosonmagyaróvár either!

And in the meantime, so that you can not only discover the beauty of the countryside, but also relax in comfortable and homely accommodation, look no further than the Regia Panzió. The guesthouse welcomes its guests in a quiet and friendly environment, where the proximity of the Danube and nature lends the whole place a magical atmosphere. The comfortable rooms and the hospitable staff guarantee that you can spend relaxing nights after the excitement of exploring.
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