Dunakiliti Rowing Kayaking Tour


Dunakiliti Rowing Kayaking Tour

In the special natural environment of Szigetköz, the area around Dunakiliti promises adventures that only experienced paddlers can bravely take on. This tour is a real challenge, recommended only to those who like the exciting moments that sometimes break the calm flow of water, which lies in the faster flowing branches and broken locks.
Dunakiliti Rowing Tour

Tour info

The circular tour starts from Vadvíz Camping and returns here, but it passes through many exciting points along the way. The first part starts on a slow-flowing branch, where you can learn the basics of paddling against the current. Passing through the Szigeti-Danube branch, where the boat passes between willow and white willow groves, cormorants and ducks look for food around you. You will then arrive at the Szirtl Lakes, where an ecological corridor helps the fish to pass through, and then you can continue rowing in the wild Szirtl Branches.

During the tour, you cross the Szigeti-Danube branch, then continue along a narrow, wild branch, which gradually widens and then joins the faster-flowing Szigetelő branch. Here, along the coast, terns nest, and after a short rest, you can swim down in a strong current so that the others "die out" at the bottom of the reef. Finally, next to the Árpa Island, you will arrive at the scene of the Napoleon movie, and then you will return to the starting point when you arrive at the Flóri gate.



This tour is located in the area of Northern Transdanubia and covers the duration of one day. It has a medium difficulty rating and is a water tour type. It has a total length of 10.5 kilometers, which you can cover in about 4 hours.



The most convenient way to approach Vadvíz Camping, which is located in Dunakiliti, is by car. If you arrive by public transport, you must travel by train to Mosonmagyaróvár, and from there by bus to Dunakiliti. From here you can reach the campsite on foot or by bike, which is only 3.7 kilometers away.


Szirtl Lakes Fish Ladder: The fish ladder at the end of the Szirtl Lakes is a special ecological facility that allows fish to pass through. This is an important stop for nature lovers and fish biologists alike.

Dunakiliti Dam: Visiting the Dam is an unforgettable experience, where you can admire the power of water and engineering works. The sight of the rippling water is fascinating and you get a glimpse into the technical world of water.

Bottom sill: The bottom sill is worth seeing near the Dam, as this location helps with water replenishment. The phenomenon is the result of interesting natural processes, which is worth taking a closer look at.

Millennium oak: One of the symbols of Dunakiliti is this pedunculated oak, whose history dates back to 1896. This tree reminds us of the importance of the past and the passage of time, and it is worth stopping to rest for a moment next to it and reflect on the past.


Program tip:

Visiting the dam: Visit the Cunovo-Dunacsun area and see the dam, where you can admire the power of water and engineering. This could be an exciting program for those interested in water technology.

Try a rafting course: If you like adventurous water sports, don't miss the rafting course in the area. Here you have the opportunity to try whitewater rafting on the built concrete track and enjoy exciting water adventures.

Visiting the Danubiana Modern Art Gallery: If you are more interested in arts and culture, visit the Danubiana Modern Art Gallery. Here you can meet internationally recognized artists' exhibitions and enjoy special works of art.

Enjoy the atmosphere of international competitions: If you love the excitement and atmosphere of competitions, then do not miss the international competitions that are held in the area. Follow the races and enjoy the exciting events on site.
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