Bicycle trip to Lake Fertő from Halászi, the Regia Panzió - Route, attractions, points of interest


Bicycle trip to Lake Fertő from Halászi, the Regia Panzió - Route, attractions, points of interest

Discover the most exciting sights around Lake Fertő during a magical bike trip from Regia Panzió!
Lake Fertő

How can you get to Lake Fertő by bike from the Regia Panzió?

Lake Fertő and Szigetköz are two impressive landscapes in the western part of Hungary, which are excellent destinations for a bicycle trip. Cycling not only has a good effect on our health, but also gives us the opportunity to get to know these natural treasures up close. 

In this article, we present how you can make this trip starting from Halászi, what sights and interesting things await you, and what route is worth following.


The route

Our starting point is, of course, the Regia Panzió, which is the ideal place to start and end the trip. Halászi is located in the heart of Szigetköz and can be an excellent starting point for the bicycle tour leading to Lake Fertő. Starting from Halászi, the route passes through Mosonmagyaróvár and Hegyeshalm, then continues on the Austrian side, reaching Lake Fertő and finally returns to Hungary, via Fertőrákos and Fertőd.

Section 1: Halászi - Mosonmagyaróvár

Starting from the Regia Panzió, we first head towards Mosonmagyaróvár. During the journey, we travel on bicycle paths and quiet side roads, while enjoying the wild and romantic landscapes of Szigetköz. The city of Mosonmagyaróvár awaits us with its rich historical past and attractions. It is worth visiting one or two more important sights before we continue, for example the Óvár Castle, which was built in the 13th century and is one of the symbols of the city. 

Section 2: Mosonmagyaróvár - Hegyeshalom

Continuing from Mosonmagyaróvár, we head towards Hegyeshalom, where we cross the Austrian border. Hegyeshalom is of historical importance, as the former Iron Curtain passed through here. Approaching the Austrian border, we can observe the diverse natural landscape of the countryside.

Section 3: Hegyeshalom - Neusiedl am See

On the Austrian side, driving along the shores of Lake Fertő, we arrive at Neusiedl am See. On the Austrian side of the lake, there are many bike paths waiting for cyclists, which are excellently maintained and well signposted. Neusiedl am See is a popular holiday resort with opportunities for swimming, sailing and other water sports. And in the vicinity of the lake, you can relax after the long journey in many restaurants and cafes.


Section 4: Neusiedl am See - Fertőrákos

After Neusiedl am See, we return to Hungary and head towards Fertőrákos. Fertőrákos is famous for its limestone mine, which can now be visited and is the site of many cultural events. The village also boasts a beautiful baroque castle and the nearby sanctuary of Mithras, which has survived from the former Roman era.


Section 5: Fertőrákos - Fertőboz - Fertőd

Starting from Fertőrákos, we move towards Fertőboz. This section leads through picturesque landscapes, where we can enjoy the natural beauty of the Fertő-Hanság National Park. Fertőboz is a small settlement, but it is worth stopping here for a short break and admiring the view of Fertő Lake.

And on the last section, we roll from Fertőboz to Fertőd. The main attraction of Fertőd is the Esterházy Castle, which is one of Hungary's most important Baroque buildings. The castle park and the building itself are also impressive, it is worth taking the time to visit them before returning home!


Top 5 things you shouldn't miss around Lake Fertő:

• Fertő-Hanság National Park

- Brackish lakes, marshes and reedbeds
- Excellent bird watching opportunities
- Numerous hiking trails

• Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theater

- Former limestone quarry with natural formations
- Cave theater with performances and concerts
- Museum with the history of mining

• Esterházy Castle, Fertőd

- 18th century baroque castle
- Impressive interiors and ornate halls
- Beautiful castle park and walkways

• Neusiedl am See and the Austrian side of Lake Fertő

- Favorite resort
- Bathing, sailing and water sports
- Local wineries and gastronomic experiences

• Sopron

- Historic city with rich cultural heritage
- Fire tower and Fő tér attractions
- Medieval and Baroque buildings, Lővérek forests for hiking

There is no better starting point for exploring the Fertő Lake area than the Regia Panzió in Halászi. With its comfortable rooms and hospitable atmosphere, the pension provides a perfect resting place for hikers. Here you can recharge after a long day, enjoy local flavors and hospitality, and easily reach the most beautiful sights in the area. Book accommodation at the Regia Panzio and set out rested to make the most of the adventures around Lake Fertő!
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