Discover the wonders of Győr and its surroundings during an unforgettable trip


Discover the wonders of Győr and its surroundings during an unforgettable trip

Győr is easily accessible from Halászi, where rich historical and cultural experiences await you! Discover Győr's best attractions and programs with us!
Things to see in Győr

Győr, the city of waters

Our Regia Pension and Restaurant in Halászi can be the perfect starting point for a trip to Győr. Halászi lies at the gate of Szigetköz, where natural beauty and tranquility meet. In addition to the hospitality and comfort of the guesthouse, it is also worth dedicating a day to exploring nearby Győr, which offers countless cultural, historical and entertainment programs.

Győr is often referred to as "the city of waters", as it is located at the junction of the Rába, Rábca and Mosoni-Danube rivers, which gives the city a special atmosphere and many program opportunities.

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Győr - The city of encounters

Győr is one of the oldest and most significant cities in Hungary, which boasts a rich history and vibrant culture. The city center is only a short drive from Halászi, so it is easily accessible for guests of the Regia Pension and Restaurant.

Things to see in Győr

1. Győr Basilica (Herma of St. László)

The Győr Basilica, founded by King Saint László, is one of the city's most important religious and historical monuments. The interior of the building is decorated with impressive frescoes and sculptures, and it also houses the famous St. László Herma, which contains the relic of the Hungarian king. Visiting the basilica is a must for all visitors to Győr.

2. Bishop's Castle and Bishop's Palace

The Bishop's Palace and the Bishop's Palace evoke the memory of medieval Győr. The tower of the castle offers a wonderful view of the city and the river Rába. Various exhibitions can be viewed in the palace, which present the history and artistic values of the bishopric of Győr.

3. Széchenyi Square

The heart of Győr, Széchenyi tér, where baroque-style buildings and lively cafes and restaurants await visitors. In the center of the square is the fountain and the Kossuth statue, which commemorates the heroes of the Hungarian War of Independence.

4. Zichy Palace

The Zichy Palace is one of the most impressive Baroque buildings in Győr, which today functions as a cultural center. The building regularly hosts various concerts, exhibitions and events, so it's always worth checking out the current programs.


Program ideas in Győr

1. Boat trip on the Rába

Győr's riverside location offers an opportunity for a pleasant boat trip. During a cruise on the Rába River, you can admire the panorama of the city and the beauties of nature.

2. Guided city walk

Exploring the historic downtown of Győr with a local guide is a special experience. Guides share stories and points of interest that may not be accessible on your own. During the walks, you can get to know the hidden treasures and legends of the city.

3. Győr Zoo

The Győr Zoo is a great choice for family visitors. The zoo exhibits many exotic and domestic animal species and also offers special programs such as petting and show feeding.

4. Thermal bath and wellness

Győr is famous for its thermal waters, so it is worth visiting the local spas. The Rába Quelle Medical, Thermal and Adventure Bath is an excellent place to relax and recharge. The spa awaits its guests with various pools, saunas and wellness services.

Halászi and Szigetköz

Before you head to Győr, it is worth exploring Halássi and the nearby Szigetköz. The Szigetköz is Hungary's largest island system, which attracts tourists with its impressive natural beauty and rich wildlife.

1. Bicycle tours in Szigetköz

Szigetköz is an excellent location for bicycle tours. The area's flat and easy-to-walk roads provide a great opportunity to discover the beauty of the countryside. While cycling, you can visit smaller villages where you can learn about local culture and traditions.

2. Kayak-canoe tours

The waters of Szigetköz are ideal for kayak-canoe tours. The tributaries and canals of the Danube provide a calm environment for lovers of water sports. During the tours, you can observe the beauties of nature and wildlife up close.

3. Halászi Tópart

Halászi Tópart is an excellent place for fishing enthusiasts. The lake's rich fish population and the quiet, calm environment ensure perfect relaxation. There is also a picnic option on the lakeside, so it offers a pleasant program for the whole family.


The Regia Pension and Restaurant - A perfect starting point

The Regia Panzió and Restaurant offers our guests comfortable accommodation and delicious food. The boarding house's family atmosphere and friendly staff ensure that all visitors feel at home. The restaurant's local specialties and homemade dishes are guaranteed to please you.

Location of the guesthouse ideal for exploring the area, be it Győr or the natural treasures of Szigetköz. During your time here, you can easily plan a trip to Győr, where, in addition to the historical and cultural values ​​of the city, entertainment programs await you.

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