An unforgettable trip to the Cellars of Nyúl


An unforgettable trip to the Cellars of Nyúl

Nyúl is easily accessible from Halászi, and the charming winemaking traditions and picturesque landscapes of the cellars offer an unforgettable experience to all visitors.
Cellars of Nyúl

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Nyúl village is located in the heart of the Pannonhalmi wine region, just a few kilometers south of Győr. The settlement is famous for its wines and the Cellars of Nyúl, which is a popular destination for winemakers and wine lovers. The row of cellars offers an impressive sight, where there are rows of cellars carved into the hillside, each one exuding a unique atmosphere.

The history of the Cellars of Nyúl

The history of the Cellars of Nyúl goes back hundreds of years, when local residents began to build cellars on the hillsides to store and mature wine. Between the walls of the cellars, wine-making knowledge and passion passed down over generations, which still determine the quality and character of local wines.

Visit to the Cellars of Nyúl - How to start from the Regia Pension

From Halászi, you can easily reach the village of Nyúl, where rich winemaking traditions and stunning scenery await you. It is worth dedicating a day to exploring the Cellars of Nyúl, while you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Szigetköz.

There are several ways to get from Regia Pension to Nyúl from Halászi, depending on the means of transport you choose. Here are some options:

By car

Traveling by car is the fastest and most convenient way to get from Halászi to Nyúl. The trip takes only 40-50 minutes and we recommend the following route:

1. Departure from Halászi: From the center of Halászi, head south on road 1401.
2. Follow road 1401: Starting from Halászi, head towards Győr and follow road 1401.
3. Connection to the M1 motorway: At Győr, join the M1 motorway in the direction of Budapest.
4. Exit at Nyúl: From the M1 highway, take road 83 in the direction of Pápa. From there, follow the signs towards Nyúl.

By public transport

If you choose public transport, you will have to transfer in Győr, as there is no direct bus route between Halászi and Nyúl. The course of the journey is as follows:

1. Bus from Halászi to Győr: Take the local bus from Halászi to Győr. The trip takes about 30-40 minutes.
2. Bus or train from Győr to Nyúl: There are several bus routes from Győr to Nyúl, with which you can reach the settlement in 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can travel by train, which has a similar duration.

With a bicycle

Those who are more sporty can also make the journey by bicycle, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Szigetköz and the Pannonhalmi wine region. The route is as follows:

1. From Halászi to Győr: Take road 1401 in the direction of Győr.
2. Through Győr: When you arrive in Győr, follow the cycle paths and signs that lead to Nyúl.
3. Towards Nyúl: From Győr, continue along road 83, following the signs to Núl


Sights and experiences at Cellars of Nyúl

1. Cellar tour and wine tasting

One of the most exciting parts of a visit to Nyúli Cellars is the cellar tour and wine tasting. Many local wineries welcome visitors to showcase their wines and share the art of winemaking. During the tastings, you can get to know the characteristics of local grape varieties and the secrets of winemaking.

2. Wine museum and exhibitions

The wine museums and exhibitions located on the row of cellars present the history and development of the local wine industry. These institutions provide valuable information on winemaking techniques, viticulture and wine aging.

3. Traditional wine festivals and events

The village of Nyúl and the Cellars of Nyúl regularly host wine festivals and cultural events, where visitors can learn about local traditions and enjoy the hospitality of the region. These events are a great opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in local culture and community life.


The Regia Pension and Restaurant - Ideal starting point

The Regia Pension and Restaurant is located in Halászi, at the gate of Szigetköz, which is one of the most beautiful and peaceful regions of Hungary. The natural beauty of Szigetköz, its rich wildlife and the quiet, idyllic environment provide a perfect place to relax and recharge.

In addition to the hospitality and comfort of the Regia Panzió and Restaurant, it is an ideal starting point for exploring the Cellars of Nyúl. The boarding house's family atmosphere and friendly staff make you feel at home, while local specialties and home-cooked meals provide a mouth-watering experience.

The location of the guesthouse allows you to easily reach the Cellars of Nyúl, where rich winemaking traditions and impressive landscapes await you. Whether you are planning a day trip or want to spend a longer time in the area, the Regia Pension and Restaurant is the perfect choice.

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